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We offer Immune Tree Colostrum 6 capsules, childrens chewables and our tasty lozenges.  Just released - a newly
formulated LeptiTrim6 NightTime formula, the NEW and
Lepti-Trim 6 Daytime capsules (formerly Accelerated)
and the tasty and easy to mix and great tasting Lepti Trim 6 Shakes (vanilla or chocolate)

and the dynamic bodybuilder choice
Flex6 Fitness 

Flex6 Fitness has been shown to work for the bodybuilders or anyone wanting help with building muscle.

100 person clinical trial. 
Participants lost over 20 inches during the 3 month study. Incredible!
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Before After
 She lost this with no surgery!

This is a 20 week loss!

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Lepti-Trim 6 Accelerated
(Daytime) Immune Tree Dr
AnthonyKleinsmith formulater of

Lepti TrimNight Time
Immune Tree

LeptiTrim6 Chocolate
and Vanilla Shakes Immune Tree Dr
Anthony Kleinsmith

LeptiTrim6 Chocolate
and Vanilla Shakes Immune Tree Dr
Anthony Kleinsmith

Daytime Capsules (formerly Accelerated)
Night Time
Chocolate shake
Vanilla shake

Order Now!  The one and only Immune Tree Colostrum formulated by Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith.  Order yours today!  Go here

Immune Tree Colostrum
Dr Anthony Kleinsmith

Immune Tree Colostrum Capsules

strawberry chewables
(moo chews) from Immune Tree Dr
Anthony Kleinsmith

Immune Tree
Strawberry Moo-Chews for children

pineapple lozenges
from from Immune Tree Dr Anthony

Immune Tree
Pineapple lozenges for adults

Colostrum contains all 87 natural growth factors, over 95 + immune factors, all of your essential factors, metabolic factors and the vitamins and minerals your body requires.  It is available in its pure encapsulated powdered form with no fillers.

Click here to read how Immune Tree Colostrum can enhance your health plan providing protection against bacteria, toxins, virus and disease.

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Order here.

Lepti TrimNight Time from
Immune Tree

LeptiTrim6 NightTime Formula

The Lepti-Trim6 NightTime is a potent Collagen Protein. This unique formula works with your body’s natural processes to enhance inch loss ALL NIGHT LONG!  Insulin levels are lower while you are sleeping and this allows for body fat reduction and lean muscle development while you dream.

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Lepti-Trim 6 Accelerated
(Daytime) Immune Tree Dr AnthonyKleinsmith
formulater of leptitrimproducts

Lepti-Trim 6 Daytime capsules (formerly Accelerated) This proprietary formula, with leptin from colostrum, allows you to overcome the five underlying factors that prevent you from obtaining long-term, successful Inch Loss, by:

  • Filling the communication gap between your stomach and the Hypothalamus, the overeating mechanism, puts you in control of how much you eat.
  • Cleansing the cravings for sweets; it isn't wrong to want "some" sweets, but most people find they aren't in control and overindulge. This product will help limit the amount of bad carbohydrates.
  • Balancing the body's thermostat, thyroid, for a better, natural thermogenic burn, but without stimulants. The best energy source is "FAT" and by getting your thermostat working properly you can experience much more energy and lose inches.
  • Increasing your lean muscle mass, a large part of your fat burning engine, allows you to burn more calories, which again shrinks us down to size.
  • Balancing body chemistry helps to overcome insulin resistant weight gain and has a positive impact on your adrenal functionality, not to mention your blood pressure.  Listen to the formulator of Lepti-Trim 6 Daytime capsules (formerly Accelerated) an amazing breakthrough for our weight loss and inch loss. 

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    180 count

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LeptiTrim6 Chocolate and Vanilla
Shakes Immune Tree Dr Anthony Kleinsmith

LeptiTrim6 Chocolate and Vanilla
Shakes Immune Tree Dr Anthony Kleinsmith

LeptiTrim6 Chocolate and Vanilla Shakes

Product Description:

856 grams of shake powder 

This drink isn't for lightweights!

The LeptiTrim6 Chocolate  and Vanilla Shakes are another "tasty" tool in your war chest for long-term, successful inch loss. Mix two to three scoops in 8-10 oz of water, milk, or your favorite liquid. Or blend it with frozen fruits and create your very own smoothie.

With 27 grams of protein per serving and a natural substance called "Leptin", found within the Colostrum6. Leptin literally works on shrinking fat cells among other things. 

By providing proteins and building blocks in a delicious liquid meal, this helps your body overcome some of the underlying roadblocks to long-term successful Inch Loss. 

Potential Benefits May Include:

  • Inch Loss
  • Underlying Lean Muscle Gain
  • Higher Energy Levels
  • Better Mental Clarity
  • Tightening of Skin
  • Anti-Aging

What makes this such a powerful formula?

Colostrum Powder: 

A natural source of the IGF super family and the hormone-like protein leptin. Both Leptin and the IGFs increase the body’s ability to metabolize excess energy stored in adipose tissue (to burn fat) and control appetite inducing hormones; for a leaner body and a stronger will to control what you eat.

A summary of IGF-1 and Leptin:

IGF-1 aids the body by:

• regulates energy utilization in the body

• metabolizes fats

• builds lean muscle

• reduces insulin resistance in the overweight person

• balances blood sugar levels

Leptin benefits the body by:

• regulating food intake

• enhances fat metabolism

• aids the Thyroid Gland

• increases thermogenesis

• works with IGF-1 to build lean muscle, balance blood sugar and overcome insulin resistance

Alpha Lipoic Acid: 

Superb Antioxidant that helps slow aging, repairs liver damage and reduce the risk of Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes.

Acetyl L-Carnitine: 

Increases the use of fat as a source of energy. It prevents fatty build up - especially in the heart, liver and skeletal muscles. Since it is involved in fat metabolism, carnitine helps to lower triglycerides and support weight loss.

CLA (65%): 

Is a fatty acid, which affects fat metabolism and is being shown to influence the balance between fats and muscle. 

Garcinia Cambogia (65%):

A plant that c

ontains the active ingredient known as HCA (hydroxycitric acid), which naturally curbs excessive appetite and prevents the body from turning extra calories into fat. It supports the storage of glycogen in the liver and muscles rather than as fat and activates thermogenesis for the burning of excess fat.

Fibersol 2: 

Contain natural, bulk producing, soluble dietary fiber derived from fruit and plants. Provides the benefits of hemicelluloses (gum and pectin) and polysaccharides, which are so important for maintaining the proper pace and bulk required for healthy digestive function. 

Ours contains Whey Protein Isolate

Whey Protein Concentrate vs Isolate:
There are differences between whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. Whey protein isolate has a higher protein content and is lower in carbohydrates, lactose and fat. But it is typically more expensive due to the additional manufacturing process it undergoes.

The primary difference between whey protein and its isolate form is the amount of protein, lactose and fat present. Whey protein powder contains anywhere from 11 to 14.5 percent protein, 63 to 75 percent lactose and 1 to 1.5 percent milk fat, according to registered dietitian Marjorie Geiser. Comparatively, whey protein isolate is over 90 percent protein and contains roughly 0.5 percent of lactose and milk fat.

Whey isolate is especially beneficial for you if you are lactose intolerant and can not digest the lactose in whey protein.

The highest-quality protein known to science. Enhances anabolism. Stimulates the release of the hormone glucagon, which stimulates fat burning. Enhances lean muscle development and also reduces appetite.

Potassium Gluconate:

Potassium is a mineral that is found in many foods and is needed for several functions of your body, especially the beating of your heart. 
The ratio of sodium to potassium is is critical for muscle contraction, according to the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University. Low potassium can cause muscle cramping. Potassium is also necessary for the building of muscle.



ound in fruits and cruciferous vegetables. It is used as a natural sweetener, and is sweeter than sugar cane.

Natural Flavors: 

Vanilla and Chocolate.


300 times sweeter that sugar and offers no side effects.

Suma (Pfaffia paniculata)

Is an adaptogenic herb from the Amazon rain forest, also known as “Brazilian Ginseng”. It helps with a wide variety of conditions, ranging from arthritis to weight loss; to natives of Brazil it is known as Para Toda (which means “for everything”). One of the active ingredients, betaecdysterone, is highly anabolic and has been used by athletes to increase muscle building and endurance. Suma contains 19 different amino acids, a large 

number of electrolytes, and many trace minerals, including a high content of the mineral germanium, which accounts for its properties as an oxygenator at the cellular level. Other active compounds include plant sterols, which support the immune system.


Is a building block for all other amino acids. It is also a key component of bile, which is needed for the digestion of fats, the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and the control of serum cholesterol levels. Taurine is vital for the utilization of several minerals including calcium and magnesium.


Helps to build lean muscle, (it is the basis for the building blocks that synthesize DNA and RNA.) Glutamine is important for dieters and body builders to prevent muscle breakdown and is involved in maintaining a proper acid/alkaline balance in the body.

Plus vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids, essential to your body's ability to balance levels and "let go" of excess fat stores.  This results in inches, pant or dress size reduction.

Order your choice of Vanilla or Chocolate or try one of each here

LeptiTrim6 Cleanse Immune Tree Dr
Anthony Kleinsmith

LeptiTrim6 Cleanse

370 grams

Product Description:

370 Grams; The LeptiTrim6 Cleanse formula developed by Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith synergistically combines vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes to nourish the body while aiding healthy elimination.

These ingredients work together to aid in the digestion of food, increase energy and cleanse the colon of stored waste.

When you blend up the LeptiTrim6 Cleanse as part of your daily regime, you receive 100% of your RDA on Vitamins, and 50% of your RDA on Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium.

Order your Lepti Trim 6 Cleanse here

Flex6 Complex fromImmune Tree

Flex6 Complex

We call Flex6 Complex from Immune Tree the essential formula for athletes and bodybuilders.

Flex6 was developed to enhance physical performance during your workouts or for athletic performance. Adults in the mature population have used Flex6 to help overcome muscle aches and pains and to slow the process of losing lean muscle mass, which can increase the opportunity for osteoporosis

Flex6 truly is one of the world’s most powerful blends for athletic use. With the constituents found within, it’s no wonder that more and more athletes and bodybuilders are turning to Flex6 as a safe, natural way to build lean muscle mass, improve strength, enhance endurance and recovery time. Athletes recognize that having a lean body with minimum body fat is a major factor in maximizing their potential. They place heavy demands on their body through strenuous exercise, which results in the burning of protein and makes it difficult to build new muscle. Flex6 can play an impressive role in the building of new muscle, allowing the athlete and non athlete alike to burn more fat and gain more muscle, enhancing the overall performance of their muscles.

Apr 1, 2013 – Blake Miller endorses Flex6 for bodybuilding, recovery and building lean muscle.....

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180 count

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formulated by Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith















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