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Tree Lepti-Trim 6
Daytime Accelerated formulated by Dr
Anthony Kleinsmith

LeptiTrim6 Chocolate
and Vanilla Shakes Immune
Tree Dr Anthony Kleinsmith

TrimNight Time from
Immune Tree

Chocolate and Vanilla Shakes
Immune Tree Dr Anthony


Combo Package: Special (includes 1 Daytime Accelerated, 1 shake (vanilla or chocolate), 1 NightTime
suggested retail price:$167.94 + shipping
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Choose Shake Flavor

Immune Tree Lepti-Trim
6 Daytime formulated by Dr
Anthony Kleinsmith

LeptiTrim 6 Daytime .........................180 capsules
 New and improved  
(formerly Daytime Accelerated Formula)


LeptiTrim6 Chocolate
and Vanilla Shakes

  Lepti Trim 6 Chocolate Shake .........................856 grams
(formerly Lepti Trim Chocolate Meal Replacement)


LeptiTrim6 Chocolate
and Vanilla Shakes Immune Tree Dr
Anthony Kleinsmith


  LeptiTrim 6 Vanilla Shake .........................856 grams
(formerly Lepti Trim Vanilla Meal Replacement)


TrimNight Time from
Immune Tree


LeptiTrim 6 Night Time..........126 grams
(NEW more effective formula)


LeptiTrim6 Cleanse
Immune Tree Dr Anthony Kleinsmith


Lepti Trim 6 Cleanse .........................370 grams


Immune Tree Colostrum 6
capsules formulated by Dr. Anthony

COL  Immune Tree Colostrum 6......180 caps

Immune Tree Colostrum
Childrens Strawberry Moo-Chews
formulated by Dr. Anthony

Childrens Strawberry Colostrum 6 Moo-Chews.......180 ct.


Immune Tree Colostrum
Adult Pineapple Lozenges formulated
by Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith

Adult Pineapple colostrum Lozenges ..........................130 ct. $26.95

Flex6 Complex fromImmune


Flex6 Complex.........................180 capsules
suggested retail price $59.95


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Note: LimuZ Plus is no longer available for purchase.

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